Frequently Asked Questions

What are Flame-Foamand Foam-Fast® and how do they work?

Flame-Foam is an easy-to-use, affordable Class-A wetting agent applied with a Foam-Fast® applicator for pre-treatment during the threat of wildfire or while performing other hazardous activities such as managing burn piles, mowing or weed trimming. 

Wetting agents have been used for decades by professional firefighters.  Class-A foam facilitates wetting of Class-A fuels (wooden structures, shrubs, trees, etc…) by lowering the surface tension of the water and assisting with the water's saturation of the fuels.  The resulting “foamy water” aids in fire suppression by preventing ignition.

The Foam-Fast applicator is a revolutionary new way for anyone with a garden hose to produce Class-A “foamy water”, suitable for protecting Class-A fuels. Simply place a Flame-Foam™ foam cartridge in the applicator, attach the applicator to a standard garden hose, and your Foam-Fast is ready to operate!

Will Flame-Foam make a thick pile of foam?

No.  Class-A foam can vary in consistency depending upon it’s intended application. Flame-Foam cartridges contain a surfactant which makes Class-A "foamy water" and can make the water up to 5 times "wetter".  Although this is the same type of foaming agent firefighters use to produce a thick shaving cream like foam, the Foam-Fast applicator is designed to provide just enough surfactant to make the water “wetter” for pre-treatment applications.

Is Flame-Foam environmentally friendly?

Yes, each Flame-Foam cartridge is 100% Bio-degradable and non-toxic.

What is the shelf life of Flame-Foam™ cartridges?

Flame-Foam cartridges are guaranteed for 5 years – always keep them in the supplied zip-lock bag and store in a cool dry place. With proper storage they should last many more years.

How much water pressure is needed to operate a Foam-Fast applicator?

Since Foam-Fast applicators feature a flow-through design they will operate on any available pressure, however, for optimum stream distance we recommend a minimum 30 psi for the 3/4" units and a minimum 75 psi for the Fire Hose units.  At the other end of the spectrum, do not exceed 200 psi to prevent possible damage to the unit or injury to the operator and other nearby personnel.

How many Flame-Foam cartridges will I require?

Depending upon the type of system and the flow rate of the nozzle being used, each cartridge will produce from 30 minutes to 1 hour of foamy water.  Environmental conditions (wind, temperature, humidity) will vary how long the treated surfaces remain wet and you may need to re-treat some surfaces in order to provide maximum protection to your property.

Can I use Flame-Foam to fight a fire?

Although Class-A foam is used by professional firefighters to extinguish fires, we do not recommend that people who have not been trained as professional firefighters attempt to put out active fires.  If you see a fire, CALL 911 FIRST!!  Flame-Foam is intended to be used as a pre-treatment tool for your home & property.  When your home & property are threatened by an approaching wildfire, if safe, "Pretreat, then Retreat!"

Please read the complete Foam-Fast instructional booklet and watch the included instructional video for detailed information on the safe and effective use of Foam-Fast products.

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